You know you’re getting better when…

10. When you look back on old pieces, that at the time you thought were amazing, and now they just look a hot mess.

9. When in the middle of class critiques, you can name all of the typefaces the person used.

8. When you use the word “typefaces” instead of “fonts“.

7. When people ask for your opinion on their work.

6. When you finally understand what all the hype is about over HELVETICA, and you like it.

5. When grocery shopping is never the same again…packaging woot woot.

4. When you can finish something on a deadline, and don’t think it’s witchcraft or that hell froze over.

3. When you know who Doyald Young is.

2. When you understand the difference between designing and decorating.

1. When you are 100% happy with your work…and so is everyone else.


You may find me odd, but I am currently having a passionate love affair with…wait for it: typography. It’s thrilling, exciting, and addicting as crack…But seeing as I am not so adventurous (or stupid), I have never tried crack. I do however picture typography to be as addicting as gummy worms. I can spend hours doing it, times just flies. Typography is my drug of choice, and am absolutely beyond insatiable. I have now accomplished comparing something as simple [uh try complex, biotch] as typography to sex and drugs.