Look Mom, I’m on the world wide web!

So this is what it feels like to be on Google!

I just discovered that Google is really keeping tabs on EVERYONE.  I am only slightly creeped out because my sheer joy at seeing my blog junk is overpowering the creeper’ed factor.  How freaking awesome is that!!  

Like my post if you checked google to see you on it!


A Graphic Design Student Checklist

_ Starbucks within walking distance

_ Wacom Tablet

_ Spotify playlist (killer set of headphones optional)

_ MacBook Pro

_ in-case-of-emergency cigarettes

_ Gigantic storage device

_ A Tumblr

_ Library card

_ Never ending supply of business cards

_ Deep understanding of typography

_ Sketchbook

_ A wide collection of photoshop brushes & actions

_ A strong middle finger

_ A  good idea

_ A role model