You know you’re getting better when…

10. When you look back on old pieces, that at the time you thought were amazing, and now they just look a hot mess.

9. When in the middle of class critiques, you can name all of the typefaces the person used.

8. When you use the word “typefaces” instead of “fonts“.

7. When people ask for your opinion on their work.

6. When you finally understand what all the hype is about over HELVETICA, and you like it.

5. When grocery shopping is never the same again…packaging woot woot.

4. When you can finish something on a deadline, and don’t think it’s witchcraft or that hell froze over.

3. When you know who Doyald Young is.

2. When you understand the difference between designing and decorating.

1. When you are 100% happy with your work…and so is everyone else.



Pro: Making amazing friends at your awesome sauce school.

Con: Those same amazing friends taking the most butt ugly pictures of you that you didn’t think were possible.  And then bombing your Facebook like a blood thirsty vengeful assassin wearing bunny slippers!

Hey there, hi there, hello again.  I am just in a blog-esque mood and this picture was too caption-worthy to pass up.  Now please be kind when you mention my face…I was in an accident as a child and just my face was trampled by a herd of elephants escaping a volcano.  True story.

Oh and that’s Coddy (pronounced like a regular Cody) with the barnacle-brain-stunner-shades that no man, woman or Chihuahua could pass up.  His WordPress is: Oh and Coddy, when you are reading this, remember to recant your earlier statement that I don’t advertise your face on my blog.  BOOM!!

Look Mom, I’m on the world wide web!

So this is what it feels like to be on Google!

I just discovered that Google is really keeping tabs on EVERYONE.  I am only slightly creeped out because my sheer joy at seeing my blog junk is overpowering the creeper’ed factor.  How freaking awesome is that!!  

Like my post if you checked google to see you on it!

A Graphic Design Student Checklist

_ Starbucks within walking distance

_ Wacom Tablet

_ Spotify playlist (killer set of headphones optional)

_ MacBook Pro

_ in-case-of-emergency cigarettes

_ Gigantic storage device

_ A Tumblr

_ Library card

_ Never ending supply of business cards

_ Deep understanding of typography

_ Sketchbook

_ A wide collection of photoshop brushes & actions

_ A strong middle finger

_ A  good idea

_ A role model