200 word essay for my internship class

Week 1 – Internship Class  “My Voice”

Graphic design is my number one passion: I wake up in the morning thinking about typography.  I go throughout the entire day with design on my mind.  I go to sleep excited about what I am going to do next and sometimes even dream about my profession.  Sounds pretty crazy right, you could say I have a one tracked mind.  But I know it’s on the right track!

What I bring to the table is a keen eye for typography, a knack for color schemes, a high-capacity for branding, and a never-ending love for creating logos.  One of my favorite things about my career is that I create things for people that weren’t existent before.  I contribute something to the universe, sending out good designs to represent a company or individual.  I am such a lucky and grateful person who has found their niche in life.

In a perfect world, I’d be an art director at an agency working alongside creative people.  I’d be challenged to solve problems in an unconventional way and make the audience think.

My future feels like a roller coaster; some parts scare the crap out of me while others keep me smiling for days on end.


You know you’re getting better when…

10. When you look back on old pieces, that at the time you thought were amazing, and now they just look a hot mess.

9. When in the middle of class critiques, you can name all of the typefaces the person used.

8. When you use the word “typefaces” instead of “fonts“.

7. When people ask for your opinion on their work.

6. When you finally understand what all the hype is about over HELVETICA, and you like it.

5. When grocery shopping is never the same again…packaging woot woot.

4. When you can finish something on a deadline, and don’t think it’s witchcraft or that hell froze over.

3. When you know who Doyald Young is.

2. When you understand the difference between designing and decorating.

1. When you are 100% happy with your work…and so is everyone else.

I found the secret to graphic design!!


     Read a book today that completely changed my entire approach to designing. Basically it talked about not even logging on the computer until you have a concrete idea and sketches for your design and use the computer to execute your vision. Sitting in front of illustrator, moving fonts around is not having an idea. The computer is a tool for executing your idea not obtaining your idea. I have done that a million times, waiting for the screen to give me the solution.
Copying stock photos from google is not creating something original. It said to use your voice. I am seriously mind blown by this book, and am now starting over with my client’s entire logo. It literally listed all of the things I had been doing and explained why it was wrong. I am turning a new leaf with designing, and I FINALLY GET IT.  

The secret to graphic design is to have an idea.  It’s the simplest of things yet the base of all that is beautiful.


Score one for the student.

It’s Monday morning and, to no one’s surprise, I am late to copywriting class (are you seeing the pattern here?).  But this time I was excited to get to there, because I had stayed up till 4:30 in the morning working on my homework.

Anyways, after setting my stuff down, the teacher asks to speak to me outside.  Okay, whatever, I wasn’t exactly concerned.  After the door clicks shut behind me, he announces that he is worried about me this quarter.  I confidently replied, “Don’t be.  When you see the work that’s awaiting you, I know you will be tickled pink.”  Okay I didn’t say that last part, I am not that cray.

I did however tell him, that I would rather be 2 hours late to class every week and turn in amazing work, than to be punctual and turn in mediocre work.

After our pow wow, 30 minutes later he loudly exclaims in front of the entire class how blown away he is, how amazing my piece is and how it belongs in my portfolio…awww thanks.  But didn’t I tell you, you would be?  I usually downplay everything I do, or am not satisfied with it 100% but with this I am.

So that is how the student made the teacher eat their words. The end.

Diecutting like a boss

Hello world!  I am making time during the hectic week of midterms to share my first die cut.  I am learning so much from my print production class and am feeling quite accomplished.

Oh and this is a real exhibit coming to the Chicago Art Institute which I want to go see, now that I know how our boy, Roy did his fancy dot techniques…in photoshop.

I am thinking about making a tutorial about how to do that “half-tone” effect, but not sure. 

I am kinda lazy 🙂


Four Friday!

1. What I’m Reading Going Bovine by Libba Bray.  I love this author and have read almost all her books.  She writes my language, which is sarcastic, witty and references so obscure they need googling.  I picked it up for two reasons: the author and the fact that there’s a cow holding the Travelocity gnome on the cover.  Hehe cows.

2. What I am Lusting After This snazzy graphic shower curtain.  I am obsessed with elephants.   If my apt was a tad bit roomier I would own one of those bad boys and ride him to school every single day.  I already have his name picked out: George.  So since I am not moving anytime soon, I will gladly settle for him in my bathroom.

3. What I am Daydreaming About This gigantic ball that lets you walk on water.  Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen?!?  If you say no, then we simply can’t be friends anymore.  That’s a deal breaker.

4. What I’m Craving Amazing illustration aside, this looks so tasty and delicious that I just want to face plant into its chocolatey goodness.  I mean, I want to plant my face into the center and never come back to earth.  It’s on my “list-of-things-to-do-that-will-probably-never-get-done.”