Pro: Making amazing friends at your awesome sauce school.

Con: Those same amazing friends taking the most butt ugly pictures of you that you didn’t think were possible.  And then bombing your Facebook like a blood thirsty vengeful assassin wearing bunny slippers!

Hey there, hi there, hello again.  I am just in a blog-esque mood and this picture was too caption-worthy to pass up.  Now please be kind when you mention my face…I was in an accident as a child and just my face was trampled by a herd of elephants escaping a volcano.  True story.

Oh and that’s Coddy (pronounced like a regular Cody) with the barnacle-brain-stunner-shades that no man, woman or Chihuahua could pass up.  His WordPress is: Oh and Coddy, when you are reading this, remember to recant your earlier statement that I don’t advertise your face on my blog.  BOOM!!