You know you’re getting better when…

10. When you look back on old pieces, that at the time you thought were amazing, and now they just look a hot mess.

9. When in the middle of class critiques, you can name all of the typefaces the person used.

8. When you use the word “typefaces” instead of “fonts“.

7. When people ask for your opinion on their work.

6. When you finally understand what all the hype is about over HELVETICA, and you like it.

5. When grocery shopping is never the same again…packaging woot woot.

4. When you can finish something on a deadline, and don’t think it’s witchcraft or that hell froze over.

3. When you know who Doyald Young is.

2. When you understand the difference between designing and decorating.

1. When you are 100% happy with your work…and so is everyone else.

Back from Summer Break…wait that was the break?!

Hey good lookin,

It feels like forever and a half since I last “blogged”  and by blog I mean not social network like my life depended on it.  Basically I had my finals for last quarter, final grades scored all A’s and a B (damn you Copywriting, why did you have to be so early?!?!).

Summer break (three weeks) consisted of me working and zoning out in front of the tube watching True Blood (or should I say drooling over the viking sex god vampire Eric Northman) and Game of Thrones marathons.  Pro: I am all caught up on my HBO, Con: now I have to wait for each episode to air like the rest of the world.  I don’t know how I will go on.

I also made a 300 page yoga manual, complete with illustrations and nifty layouts.  Had my first experience with a large print document and learned that master pages are your friend when doing manuals.  Also learned to make friends with local printers.  Kinko’s/FedEx wanted $150 per bound manual, the client’s friend who just so happened to own a printing press, only charged $50.  Kissing-ass is now on my to-do list.

Hmm what else has happened?  The other night my totally sober friends decided that mini golf in the street was essential to the evening, followed by pushing me in the pool wearing my socks.  I have the nicest pals.

My first business cards for a client were sent off and printed.  Most stressful day of my life, no joke.  They came out pretty snazzy thank heavens.  Whew.


I finished branding two three clients, one of them being myself.  Decided that “Kerning Kelsey” will be my brand of everything and how I present myself at graduation.  Having to design your own brand is like having an identity crisis.  At first I thought that having my blog persona as my brand would be cheesy, but having three teachers agree that it works, I’m so thankful.

Also, I have replaced my inconvenient copywriting with college algebra…or as I like to call it: suicide wishing, thoughts of jumping off bridges, complete with a weekly panic attack, seventh dimension of hell.  I hate math, if you didn’t notice.  I am directing a photo shoot this Thursday, so that should be lots of fun.  My client even asked me to be in a few of the shots, which was the most flattering compliment ever 🙂

Well I think I have procrastinated long enough on my Cajun cookbook.  Back to work.  Toodles.

How to BRAND yourself.

Since I am sitting in Corporate Identity, twiddling my thumbs, I might as well put my time to good use.  These are my interpretations of the lecture.

Have a clear narrowed down idea. Apple makes awesome high-tech über expensive fruity gadgets.  They don’t make BBQ sauce or leg warmers.  Find something you wanna be branded for and stick to it.

Have a name and logo that are memorable. Get your audience excited about what you’re selling.  Do something that will stay with them long after they’ve left.  Get them thinking.

Do some research. Find out if someone else is doing what you’re doing.  You’d be surprised at how many other people have already thought of your amazing idea. And if you find someone who has, find a way to it better. There may be a hundred blogs about fitness but this one has been the one that has stuck with me.

Name association.  When you go to Target, you can expect more and pay less (even though that’s the slogan for Payless Shoes).  When I think Volvo, I think of safety.  Have your brand associated with something a viewer can

Stay with the times. Nobody is buying Sega or Gameboys anymore.  Nobody teases their hair or uses a rotary telephone to call the boy they’re “going steady with”.  The brands that can slowly change with time are the brands that will last.

Have a slogan or tagline to your brand.  I think that one pretty much explains itself.  Have a name, and explain it in under 5 words in witty wording.  But give it as much impact as possible.

Do something that will surprise and shock. Like so.