For a few months, I dipped my toe in the fashion world and immersed myself in everything it had to offer.  I was elected creative director for The Fashion For The Arts Club at my school,  participated in Project Red Dress to raise money for researching HIV/AIDS cure, worked the MAGIC convention for a week, and finally made my dress for Catwalks for Water.


Dress code was enforced

While we may not have been as fabulous as the Sin City Sisters, we gave it our all!  My dress is from Express, the shoes are Candy’s (by Kohls).  I am the extremely pale good looking Amazon in the back!

MAGIC CONVENTION The MAGIC convention was probably one of the hardest, greatest experiences I have ever had.  I learned so much about retail in that one week than I had known in my whole life.  I experienced customer service, and now know how to merchandise.  Yes, it’s a verb!  I am forever grateful to the fabulous people at YA Los Angeles for giving me this opportunity.

This is one of the only pictures I have, because I was too busy working! But this was the final day of the show, and this is a face that says, ” THANK GOD IT’S OVER!!!”

CATWALKS FOR WATER At the time, I felt as though I was in way over my head, and had it not been for my good friend, I surely would have “jumped out of the emergency exit”.  Catwalks for Water is a non-profit event hosted by Aveda.  Profits go to 3rd world countries to provide them with clean water.  Along with designing a dress to go down the runway, I always designed the poster, tickets, and Facebook event.

Initial sketch for the bottle cap dress. With some much needed help, I took my model’s measurements, I made the pattern for the dress, and sewed it. The rest was easy after that.

Work in progress You’ll notice a smudge of white paint of the tip of my hat…it was for the greater good…it has yet to come off in case you were wondering.

I am happy and beyond grateful for the experiences but graphic design is my true calling and I wouldn’t trade it for anything…well except maybe for the ability to fly and even then it’s debatable.  Yeah, flying would be awesome.  And now I would know how to sew together a cape for myself. 🙂


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