Back from Summer Break…wait that was the break?!

Hey good lookin,

It feels like forever and a half since I last “blogged”  and by blog I mean not social network like my life depended on it.  Basically I had my finals for last quarter, final grades scored all A’s and a B (damn you Copywriting, why did you have to be so early?!?!).

Summer break (three weeks) consisted of me working and zoning out in front of the tube watching True Blood (or should I say drooling over the viking sex god vampire Eric Northman) and Game of Thrones marathons.  Pro: I am all caught up on my HBO, Con: now I have to wait for each episode to air like the rest of the world.  I don’t know how I will go on.

I also made a 300 page yoga manual, complete with illustrations and nifty layouts.  Had my first experience with a large print document and learned that master pages are your friend when doing manuals.  Also learned to make friends with local printers.  Kinko’s/FedEx wanted $150 per bound manual, the client’s friend who just so happened to own a printing press, only charged $50.  Kissing-ass is now on my to-do list.

Hmm what else has happened?  The other night my totally sober friends decided that mini golf in the street was essential to the evening, followed by pushing me in the pool wearing my socks.  I have the nicest pals.

My first business cards for a client were sent off and printed.  Most stressful day of my life, no joke.  They came out pretty snazzy thank heavens.  Whew.


I finished branding two three clients, one of them being myself.  Decided that “Kerning Kelsey” will be my brand of everything and how I present myself at graduation.  Having to design your own brand is like having an identity crisis.  At first I thought that having my blog persona as my brand would be cheesy, but having three teachers agree that it works, I’m so thankful.

Also, I have replaced my inconvenient copywriting with college algebra…or as I like to call it: suicide wishing, thoughts of jumping off bridges, complete with a weekly panic attack, seventh dimension of hell.  I hate math, if you didn’t notice.  I am directing a photo shoot this Thursday, so that should be lots of fun.  My client even asked me to be in a few of the shots, which was the most flattering compliment ever 🙂

Well I think I have procrastinated long enough on my Cajun cookbook.  Back to work.  Toodles.


Look Mom, I’m on the world wide web!

So this is what it feels like to be on Google!

I just discovered that Google is really keeping tabs on EVERYONE.  I am only slightly creeped out because my sheer joy at seeing my blog junk is overpowering the creeper’ed factor.  How freaking awesome is that!!  

Like my post if you checked google to see you on it!

Diecutting like a boss

Hello world!  I am making time during the hectic week of midterms to share my first die cut.  I am learning so much from my print production class and am feeling quite accomplished.

Oh and this is a real exhibit coming to the Chicago Art Institute which I want to go see, now that I know how our boy, Roy did his fancy dot techniques…in photoshop.

I am thinking about making a tutorial about how to do that “half-tone” effect, but not sure. 

I am kinda lazy 🙂


MIDTERMS…dun dun dun!


In my mind this is my fate:

I walk in to class, and glance up at the clock to see that I am 30 minutes late once again.  I ever so gracefully trip over someone’s chair and just barely catch myself before face planting.  By now everyone is glaring at me for interrupting their productive test-taking day.  I try to ignore them as I feel a blush creeping it’s way onto my already pink face.

Stumbling to the front of the class where my teacher sits (pretending not to troll Facebook) I ask him if it’s too late to take the test, and he stands up and starts screaming at me that I have failed the class and am to leave, then proceeds to push me out of the 80th story window.  Now I know what you’re thinking, how unrealistic is that? 80th story, no school has that kind of airspace.

I later wake up in the hospital 14 days later to find I have been kicked out of school for not showing up consecutively. This is the moment where I realize I have failed at life.  The end.

Recapping le weekend and lack of desire for my morning class tomorrow

I am genuinely distraught over the idea of having to be at school 8am tomorrow for a lecture on copywriting.  It’s so dull.  I have yet to be on time to this class, and for once am planning to make an exception.

Maybe the reason I am so not looking forward to school this week is because A, it’s Midterms week and B, for once I had a fun weekend.

No homework was done by this chick.  I went bowling on Saturday night (and almost worked my way up to 100 points) and today I went with my yoga niece to Greener Blocks Las Vegas.  

Because I find things like these beyond entertaining, a parking meter covered in a crocheted hat/pot holder thing.  Can you imagine the grandma who made this?  Oh whatcha making, Grandma?”  “A parking meter hat, sonny boy!”