Sinking Ship

I feel like my creativity and productivity went down on the Titanic.  Productivity being Jack sinking to his frozen grave, never to be seen again, and creativity aka Rose, is a bit  preoccupied with losing their love and being stranded at sea.  Oh analogies, how you make everything better.

I have to make a stupid (emphasis on the stupid) brochure for print production class tomorrow night and I have nothing to show for it.  I don’t even have the freaking layout done.  I am in a major funk at the moment, I’ve even obtained a couple of bald spots from where I ripped my hair out.  Okay maybe it’s not that dramatic.  But gee wiz, it certainly feels that way!

If there was an award for Best Procrastinator of the Year, it’d be in the bag.  This chick right here can procrastinate everything: doing my homework, exercising, acknowledging my alarm clock, going to the bathroom.  If I didn’t automatically breath, I’d procrastinate doing that too.  Who needs oxygen?  I can get some later.

My point being now that my productivity is on vacay somewhere in the Atlantic, I can finally get back to working hard on my procrastinating.  That’s what I am going to keep telling myself.  Fingers crossed that I can crank something out during my 30 minute break tomorrow!


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