Playing with Fire

Negativity. It spreads like wildfire, burning consuming any shred of hope, destroying any trace of happiness. It leaves behind charred doubt, self-pity, despair. Why do we allow this into our lives? Why do we allow it to control our every action?

What is the point of playing with fire? 

As students we strive for approval in our every waking moment: from our teachers, our bosses, our parents, our relationships, and most importantly our peers. Excuse me, our competition. When we allow negativity into that equation, nothing we do is ever good enough. Our emotions get in the way of reality and we let the fire consume us until there’s nothing left.

I wish I knew the secret, the magic spell, the special potion, the location of the key; the secret to feeling free from negativity.  Free from feeling like a complete and utter failure.

But the only one who can change any of that is ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Playing with Fire

  1. Negativity can be a good thing, K.
    I think so… negativity can put objectivity pom your path, making you aware of your flaws, accept them, and eventually make them present on the back of your mind so they never come forward…

    • Hmm…you make an excellent point! When you look at it that way, negativity can be a tool used to better ourselves. I am going to have to start looking at it that way. When writing this, I was thinking of the all the ways negativity controls my actions. I personally ask myself, “Is this enough, am I good enough?” I am always doubting myself, but your approach is absolutely the smarter way. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me 🙂

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