Score one for the student.

It’s Monday morning and, to no one’s surprise, I am late to copywriting class (are you seeing the pattern here?).  But this time I was excited to get to there, because I had stayed up till 4:30 in the morning working on my homework.

Anyways, after setting my stuff down, the teacher asks to speak to me outside.  Okay, whatever, I wasn’t exactly concerned.  After the door clicks shut behind me, he announces that he is worried about me this quarter.  I confidently replied, “Don’t be.  When you see the work that’s awaiting you, I know you will be tickled pink.”  Okay I didn’t say that last part, I am not that cray.

I did however tell him, that I would rather be 2 hours late to class every week and turn in amazing work, than to be punctual and turn in mediocre work.

After our pow wow, 30 minutes later he loudly exclaims in front of the entire class how blown away he is, how amazing my piece is and how it belongs in my portfolio…awww thanks.  But didn’t I tell you, you would be?  I usually downplay everything I do, or am not satisfied with it 100% but with this I am.

So that is how the student made the teacher eat their words. The end.


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