The Lion King Kid

Ever since I was a little girl, this scene in the Lion King always gave me a laughing jag. Tonight was no exception. I was watching with my boyfriend (who had never seen the movie…I know, what has he been doing with his life) and when this scene came on you would have thought I never laughed before was making up for lost time.  Timon and Pumba will always have a special place in my heart.  

I wasn’t too much of a Disney princess kind of girl growing up.  I was more into Lion King, Aladdin and if I had to pick a princess it would be Ariel.  She went after what she wanted, and I liked that kind of gutsy spunk that I like to think I have as well.  Plus she was a mermaid…and I want to be a mermaid whenever I decide to grow up.

While I was reliving all my childhood happiness via Simba, I was thinking of all the reasons why The Lion King is important to me. I thought about how I could keep this wonderful feeling going even when I wasn’t watching the movie and came across this:

In Swahili, this actually means no worries, it’s a symbol for Hakuna Matata.  I am a typical Capricorn so worrying is like a competitive sport for me.  Getting this tattoo on my wrist would be a way to remind myself to calm down.  Plus it would be paying homage to my childhood and the genius of Disney.  I never thought of myself as a person able to get a tattoo ( I am too picky) but this has a lot of meaning behind it.  I think I could live with a little Hakuna Matata on my arm.  


2 thoughts on “The Lion King Kid

  1. My husband and I watched Lion King yesterday too on ABC Family! We both LOVE this movie! I’m obsessed with that symbol for Hakuna Matata! Such a great idea for a tattoo! Definitely go for it!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated! I have been waiting for this movie to come on tv for ages! Have a week as wonderful as your weekend 😀

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