How to tell if your work sucks.

How to tell if your work sucks or not (well if you have to ask then something’s not right)

Step 1: Ask someone, whom you respect and whose’s opinion matters, what they think of your work.

If their first reaction isn’t “Ohmigosh that is so amazing!!! I love it”…then you know it needs some work.

However, there is a right and a wrong to that policy of mine.  

Ask someone who is brutally honest and doesn’t give a shit what you feel.  They are golden.  

Asking a peer will result in one of two responses:  Fix this, fix that, and ohh but I like that!  Or they will stare at it and question why they couldn’t whip something like that up in the first place.  Then reply meekly, it’s ok.  

I am finding it’s sometimes hard to make friends with people in your same major, because in the grand scheme of things, they are my competition.  While I thrive off of that, pushing myself to be better than everyone else, it doesn’t really garner a whole lot of trust.  

Don’t get me wrong, I have some of the greatest friends I could hope for, but are there mind games and jealous stares from both parties…you better believe it.


2 thoughts on “How to tell if your work sucks.

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I worked with companies for almost 12 years and reached a conclusion that, if you’re striving to shine, you better do it yourself… but you’re right, if we get the change to be judged by people who’s judgment we trust, then it could be a turning point to us.

    I would recommend that you trust your instincts when it comes to judging yourself, as you mentioned at the start, just the fact that you have asked the questions means that you took notice upon yourself, and believe me, from communicating with different kinds of people all those years, the ability to acknowledge our own feelings, senses, and actions alone is a door to self development and confidence.

    Thanks a lot for the nice post.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my post, always appreciated! Thank you for the wonderful advice, and I am happy that I am not the only one noticing this. 🙂

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