MIDTERMS…dun dun dun!


In my mind this is my fate:

I walk in to class, and glance up at the clock to see that I am 30 minutes late once again.  I ever so gracefully trip over someone’s chair and just barely catch myself before face planting.  By now everyone is glaring at me for interrupting their productive test-taking day.  I try to ignore them as I feel a blush creeping it’s way onto my already pink face.

Stumbling to the front of the class where my teacher sits (pretending not to troll Facebook) I ask him if it’s too late to take the test, and he stands up and starts screaming at me that I have failed the class and am to leave, then proceeds to push me out of the 80th story window.  Now I know what you’re thinking, how unrealistic is that? 80th story, no school has that kind of airspace.

I later wake up in the hospital 14 days later to find I have been kicked out of school for not showing up consecutively. This is the moment where I realize I have failed at life.  The end.


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