Recapping le weekend and lack of desire for my morning class tomorrow

I am genuinely distraught over the idea of having to be at school 8am tomorrow for a lecture on copywriting.  It’s so dull.  I have yet to be on time to this class, and for once am planning to make an exception.

Maybe the reason I am so not looking forward to school this week is because A, it’s Midterms week and B, for once I had a fun weekend.

No homework was done by this chick.  I went bowling on Saturday night (and almost worked my way up to 100 points) and today I went with my yoga niece to Greener Blocks Las Vegas.  

Because I find things like these beyond entertaining, a parking meter covered in a crocheted hat/pot holder thing.  Can you imagine the grandma who made this?  Oh whatcha making, Grandma?”  “A parking meter hat, sonny boy!”


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