Four Friday!

1. What I’m Reading Going Bovine by Libba Bray.  I love this author and have read almost all her books.  She writes my language, which is sarcastic, witty and references so obscure they need googling.  I picked it up for two reasons: the author and the fact that there’s a cow holding the Travelocity gnome on the cover.  Hehe cows.

2. What I am Lusting After This snazzy graphic shower curtain.  I am obsessed with elephants.   If my apt was a tad bit roomier I would own one of those bad boys and ride him to school every single day.  I already have his name picked out: George.  So since I am not moving anytime soon, I will gladly settle for him in my bathroom.

3. What I am Daydreaming About This gigantic ball that lets you walk on water.  Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen?!?  If you say no, then we simply can’t be friends anymore.  That’s a deal breaker.

4. What I’m Craving Amazing illustration aside, this looks so tasty and delicious that I just want to face plant into its chocolatey goodness.  I mean, I want to plant my face into the center and never come back to earth.  It’s on my “list-of-things-to-do-that-will-probably-never-get-done.”


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