Why I love studying to be a graphic designer

1.  Work anywhere in the world.  I can work wherever, whenever, for whomever I want and still get paid. Come on, how freaking awesome is that??  My greatest fear in life is to “be pigeon-holed in some regular job” (don’t mind me and my awesome reference to Eminem).  

2. It’s never a dull day on the job. Everyday it’s something new.  Different client, different need.  You get to create something new everyday that goes out into the universe!

3. We’re in high demand. Which if you think about makes sense.  Not everyone can make look nice, in fact a lot of businesses are really good about making things really tacky.  We wave our magical design wands and poof everything is easier to read.

4. We get shit done.  We create business cards, websites, posters, brochures, cd covers, books covers, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, packaging, logos, letterheads, clothing lines.  Basically we are what makes the world go round, without us everything would be gray and blah.

5. Freelance. Need some extra moolah?  Freelance is an excellent way to gain experience, get your name out there for prospective clients and of course get some extra cash in your pocket.


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