How to BRAND yourself.

Since I am sitting in Corporate Identity, twiddling my thumbs, I might as well put my time to good use.  These are my interpretations of the lecture.

Have a clear narrowed down idea. Apple makes awesome high-tech über expensive fruity gadgets.  They don’t make BBQ sauce or leg warmers.  Find something you wanna be branded for and stick to it.

Have a name and logo that are memorable. Get your audience excited about what you’re selling.  Do something that will stay with them long after they’ve left.  Get them thinking.

Do some research. Find out if someone else is doing what you’re doing.  You’d be surprised at how many other people have already thought of your amazing idea. And if you find someone who has, find a way to it better. There may be a hundred blogs about fitness but this one has been the one that has stuck with me.

Name association.  When you go to Target, you can expect more and pay less (even though that’s the slogan for Payless Shoes).  When I think Volvo, I think of safety.  Have your brand associated with something a viewer can

Stay with the times. Nobody is buying Sega or Gameboys anymore.  Nobody teases their hair or uses a rotary telephone to call the boy they’re “going steady with”.  The brands that can slowly change with time are the brands that will last.

Have a slogan or tagline to your brand.  I think that one pretty much explains itself.  Have a name, and explain it in under 5 words in witty wording.  But give it as much impact as possible.

Do something that will surprise and shock. Like so.


2 thoughts on “How to BRAND yourself.

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